How To Add Payment Gateway In Canva Website | Add Payment Method In Canva (2023)
How To Add Payment Gateway In Canva Website | Add Payment Method In Canva (2023)

Do you need to take credit card payments in Power Apps or Portal? There are no out of the box solutions in Power Platform for that, but we have solutions for that.

Why can’t I just drop a few inputs on a form to capture customer credit cards?

You can, but you don’t want to, here is why.

Major card issuers and the industry around agree that security is important. Breaches are costly and ruin trust. In the online environment, fraud is exponentially higher. So, as a response to this challenge, the card industry consolidated and agreed on a standard what makes payment facilities with credit cards secure – PCI DSS, which stands for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard”.

This standard is kind of a checklist – a very long checklist. The cost of full compliance if you accept and process credit card details directly is enormous and you don’t want to do this. The good news is that you have a much simpler way to take credit card payments and remain outside of compliance audit if you integrate with payment gateway providers that take this burden for you.

Custom components for Canvas and Model-Driven Power Apps allow to accept credit card payments making PCI DSS compliance a breeze and reducing any risk and exposure of your customers’ data.

Depending on your business preference, integrations with the following payment gateways available:

  • Stripe Payments
  • Braintree Payments
  • eWay
  • any other trusted payments gateway with APIs available.

These integrations are available for all types of Power Apps – Canvas, Model-Driven and Portal.

Integrate easily with Stripe payments to give your application credit card payments by using the simplicity and minimalism of Stripe payments form:

Stripe credit card payments in Canvas Power App

Braintree Payments offer you out of the box flexibility and PayPal integration so you can offer customers more options:

Braintree credit card payments in Canvas Power App

Alternatively, if you prefer eWay Payments gateway, you can integrate with that too and here is the screenshot from a Portal App:

eWay credit card payments in Portal Power App

Contact us for a quote, questions or just discuss your needs.

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