How to sell digital products online with free tools [ Payment gateways included ] Paypal \u0026 Paystack
How to sell digital products online with free tools [ Payment gateways included ] Paypal \u0026 Paystack

Canvas Catalog is an all-in-one learning platform which streamlines the registration, payment, and enrollment process for Canvas courses, simplifying the ability for non-matriculated guests and community members to enroll in continuing education courses at the University.

Through Canvas Catalog, a selection of the institution’s course offerings can be browsed by individuals, communities, or employers who are looking for upskill opportunities, lifelong learning interests, community outreach enhancement, and more.

  • Learners without NetIDs create accounts with their personal email address, enroll in courses, and pay registration costs through the built-in payment gateway.
  • Existing members of the Montclair community can browse and enroll in courses by using their NetID and password.

Learners can track registrations and course progress through their Student Dashboard. Certificates of Completion are automatically generated upon fulfillment of all course requirements.

Montclair State faculty and staff interested in developing and launching course offerings through Canvas Catalog should complete the Canvas Catalog intake form to initiate the course design and publishing process with Instructional Technology and Design Services (ITDS).

Login Options

For Active Montclair State Students, Faculty, & Staff, and Existing Catalog Users:
During course registration, select the ‘Already Have an Account?’ button and sign in with your Montclair State NetID credentials. If you are an existing Catalog user, sign in with your email address.
For New General Public Users Without a Canvas Catalog Account:
You will be prompted to create a Canvas Catalog account with your e-mail address after selecting a course for registration and clicking Enroll. At that time, you’ll provide your e-mail address to create your account.

Guides & Support

  • What is Canvas Catalog?
  • How do I use my institution’s Catalog?
  • How do I enroll in a Catalog course or program listing?
  • How do I use the Student Dashboard in Catalog?
  • How do I begin a catalog course or program?
  • How do I view the certificate of completion for a Catalog course or program?
  • How do I view a transcript of my courses or programs in Catalog?
  • How do I view my Catalog purchases and enrollments history?

For additional questions about Canvas Catalog, please reach out to or call (973) 655 – 5449.

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