It`s Not Too Late! Last Minute DIY Christmas Decorations
It`s Not Too Late! Last Minute DIY Christmas Decorations

Blue and white aren’t definitely a traditional color combo for Christmas décor but this is a great way to stand out, besides blue and white are symbolic for winter, they remind of frozen lakes and snow. There are a lot of shades of blue: tiffany, royal, navy, serenity and many others and adding silver will give your combo a nice sparkle.

Blue And White Christmas Tree Décor

Start from decorating your Christmas tree in blue and white, choose a look that you like: a more contrasting one with navy or royal blue and white or a delicate one with tiffany blue and white. Silver will add a sweet sparkling touch to your tree but you can also spruce up your tree with gold or green. If you have a flocked or a crispy white tree, then decorate it with just blue and silver, and don’t forget that gifts under the tree should correspond with the tree décor, so keep the wrapping and toppers in the same colors.

Blue And White Christmas Wreaths

A wreath is a very popular decoration for every season and holiday, and of course Christmas is no exception. Buy or make your own Christmas wreath of blue and white deco mesh and decorate it with silver snowflakes, ornaments, a snowman head, snowy pinecones and berries and all the other stuff that comes to your mind. Decorate your front porch, mantel and any other space that you want feeling frozen.

Blue And White Christmas Mantel

Rock a crispy white and blue mantel, you’ll love it! Blue and white ornament garlands and wreaths with faux evergreens, faux snow, stockings, silver snowflakes, snow pinecones and snowballs will turn your mantel into a frozen one. Lights and candles can add some warmth and accentuate the mantel in a very cozy and cute way.

serenity blue and white ornaments and stockings for mantel decor

Other Blue And White Christmas Décor Ideas

Blue and white ornaments can be displayed in dough bowls, in cloches and on trays, such displays are ideal for mantels, tables, windowsills and porch decor. Your can also decorate your porch with a blue and white mat, crispy white trees in urns and blue ornaments in baskets and buckets – who needs container gardens when you can have Christmas trees instead? Get inspired by more ideas below!

cover your console table with faux snow, place a couple of silver Christmas lanterns, put some turquoise textiles

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